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Enneagram - Your GPS to Redirect & Redesign Your Relationships, with Expert Briana Gray.

by: Yvette valdenegro

The Enneagram of Personality is backed by thousands of years of writings, teachings, and research as a model of personalities broken down into nine types. The Enneagram offers a way to manage and study personality through the practice of self-awareness. It supports us in becoming more effective in our lives, and it provides a path to opening our hearts and developing personal presence and awareness.

Everyone emerges from childhood with one of the nine types dominating their personality. The overall position of our personality reflects our genetics and childhood factors that influenced our development. Think of your dominating personality as your GPS. The GPS in your car always locates where you are and guides you to your chosen location. Most often, you have programmed in your GPS the precise location of your home to most effectively proceed from the home location to where you desire to go. You also use your home GPS to bring you back from your destination. Even if you find yourself in new territory, your GPS automatically directs you back home. No matter the situation, environment, and people around you, it serves as your GPS once your dominant personality develops.

The Enneagram tries to tell us what motivates us, what drives us, and what stresses us out. It is not the what of who we are, but rather the how and the why. It is a model that can help us grow and become better versions of ourselves by first helping us grow in self-awareness.

One of the most practical ways of using the Enneagram is in our relationships at home and at work with those closest to us daily. By understanding our patterns, defensive reactions, and blind spots, we can become more flexible and skillful with the people in our lives. Blind spots in our personalities can cause hurt and injury to ourselves and others. A lack of self-knowledge can make us blind and even disoriented; like the GPS scenario, we stray without understanding how the GPS works. Conversely, we become more tolerant and compassionate when we know how others think and feel. (And we don't have to take it so personally when we play bumper cars with others along our road.)

As stated by The Enneagram at Work, The Enneagram describes both our higher potentials and our limitations. It makes specific suggestions for how each personality type can become more skillful in love and work.

  • Increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Understand your patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving

  • Build successful relationships at home and work

Our goal at YG Collaborations is to build, strengthen, and create the relationships you desire & deserve. Your internal GPS needs to be understood and have accurate coordinates with accurate readings of your journey. As a part of our coaching program, we offer and include the ability for you to be personally 'typed' through the Enneagram test with our exclusive partner Briana Gray. As our exclusive partner, Briana brings her certified expertise to help you navigate and discover the what & why's to your motivations and fears. Her one-on-one sessions in our program reveal and solidify your natural giftings and things that might trip you up. Motivation is the key to long-lasting change, and meeting with Briana is like getting a charged injection of motivation.

There are far more details to the Enneagram of Personality. We know first-hand how to be tested and how being typed can inject motivation into your relationships. Listen to Season 2, Episode 16 - Your GPS to Redirect & Redesign Your Relationships, with Expert Briana Gray, on the REdesigning Your Relationship podcast, with your hosts Yvette Valdenegro & Geovanna Burgess White. The REdesigning Your Relationship podcast is found on Spotify, Apple Podcast & YouTube.

Visit for more information regarding YG Collaborations, the hosts behind REdesigning YOUR Relationships.

Watch the Replay here:

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