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Inspiration & Communication for Women with Side Hustles

by: Yvette Valdenegro

Have you ever met someone inspirational, not just because of what you hear them say but also by what you see them do? There are a lot of smooth talkers, and not everyone's ability to talk a big game matches their actual hustle. Not the case with Deissy Ayala, Dental Hygienist by day and a super side hustler by night. Her inspiration to lead and help others has brought recent success in ways she would not have imagined.

Deissy Ayala is a dental hygienist, and through her job, she was introduced to a specific device to help patients. She took it upon herself to learn all she could about this machine, use it in their offices, and teach others the extraordinary benefits of the device. Deissy spoke directly to the company manufacturing the device and asked just one simple question, 'are you teaching the other dental offices how to use this machine?' Once she realized the answer was no, she took it upon herself to be an advocate for both the machine and the dental hygienists using the devices properly. Filling the need to teach and train others opened the door to taking the lead and beginning her side hustle. She now does both and is a win for all. During episode 25 of our Redesigning Your Relationship podcast, we heard all the details behind this inspirational journey. Deissy graciously shares her suggestions to anyone thinking of starting a side hustle and what is needed to do to ensure you land your new side hustle.

Once you have spent just a few minutes listening to Deissy, you automatically hear the golden word nuggets she effortlessly shares. Besides helping the dental community, Deissy is open about seeking help along the way. She went to a therapist who helped her to see that she needed to give herself time to get it all done, rest, and be patient with herself. Deissy also sought a professional coach who had been through a similar situation while working a 9-5 job and side hustling after hours. Time is money, and Deissy believes and testifies to the personal investment of hiring a coach. Deissy completely subscribes to finding proper support before, during, and after you decide to expand your business. The significant change in our lives requires the ability to overcome fears, welcome the new, break traditions, and conquer worry. Having the support will help you keep moving forward on the days you might not want to.

Part One of our podcast collaboration is on our podcast, REdesigning Your Relationship. Make sure to listen to Part Two on Daisy's podcast, Life is Full of Deissy's. This two-part series contains inspirational golden word nuggets and easy action steps to get results in your side hustle.

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