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Moving Through Codependence into Empowerment with Janaki Mayhill

Our considered view is that there must be a more contemporary and effective way to drive personal-self change. Identifying the right approach to self-transformation is essential. Paying more attention to the human factors often identified as the root causes of transformation failure is crucial. Consider the reasons why. We have observed the rate of transformation failure is too high, and this failure has often done more damage than good to the one transforming. At present, neglecting a safe, healthy self-transformation carries a human cost that we as individuals can no longer afford. It’s staggering how we continue to accept the rate of failure. Analyzing failures, performance deficiencies, losing money, and unhealthy environments in any business are considered gross negligence. So why do we allow this to evolve in our personal lives?

We find ourselves in the mundane circle of continual cycles of gaining knowledge and making intense behavior changes, only to fail repeatedly. The changes do not sustain the test of time and everyday life. Frustration resides in our bodies. Resentment toward ourselves, others, and our careers inhabit our thoughts. These thoughts lead to stress and levels of significant burnout. We remain on this roller coaster until we make unfortunate choices, health issues arise, or failure wins the battle.

Let us be open to opportunities to learn, transform, and change with lasting results. Moving toward transformation is what Janaki Mayhill, a NLP Master Practitioner and skilled hypnosis quantum time technique professional, has done for many people. Janaki uses her experience and knowledge to help others see their codependence on people, objects, and past wounds. As a guest on REdesigning Your Relationship Podcast, with hosts Yvette Valdenegro & Geovanna Burgess White, Janki tells her transformation story from codependence. She and her husband of 12 years move through and continue to move through the magic of empowerment. This empowerment remains because they work toward being grounded for themself and one another. They have grown to ‘dance through the storms together’ while balancing the harmony of individual existence. This episode is for those who want to develop a growth plan based on thoughtful introspection, aligned with near- and long-term goals, and healthy, proven self-transformation.

A growth mindset and transformation require examination and asking tough questions, but commit once you have determined what needs to be done. Don’t wait to jump on this timely, empowered train!

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Yvette Valdenegro

Geovanna Burgess White

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