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Past & Future Emotions in Your Business

by: Yvette Valdenegro

You are a hard-working American woman who is self-sufficient and intelligent, yet you grind daily in circles. Business, work, careers, families, kids, and relationships are constantly tugging at you. As a society, we work hard, are productive, and work many hours – with minimally paid holiday, vacation, and parental leave to show for it. Personal time? What’s that? Where is the personal time as you work harder, try to be more efficient, and take on more to gain financial wealth? As you think about your business & career situation, you will notice your thoughts and emotions fit into two distinct categories. You either find yourself tied to your business with past emotions or think of it in future feelings. Let’s understand how.

Past emotions toward our business & work can creep in without us knowing. You can feel guilt, regret, resentment, and bitterness. Guilt runs rampant among women because we try to juggle so much and wear so many different hats daily. We have guilty thoughts about the hours we work, the guilt if we have children, and guilt around taking personal time for relationships and ourselves. Comparisons are going on in our heads, mindsets about what women should be doing at home or just being a powerhouse at work. Balancing life can become overwhelming, and regret sets in because we can’t do it all. This regret leads to resentment and bitterness toward ourselves, our work, and those around us.

Future emotions mentally beat us up in ways we may not notice. Stress is a future emotion that causes mental and emotional strain. Stress is the number one cause of health issues. When you begin to pull back the layers of stress, you will see how overall health and stress concerning work are all intertwined. Stress feeds anxiety. Anxiety grips our future thoughts about the future before it even happens. We allow perceptions of the future, uncertainties, and doubts about actions that haven’t even occurred to affect us now.

You may find yourself having a love-hate relationship with your work & business. You constantly feel like there is never enough time and resources to overcome these hurdles. Ideally, working toward living in the present is the goal. We can’t change the past, nor can we predict the future, but we can control our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors now.

Living on a merry-go-round of habitual thoughts is not getting you anywhere. The efforts to successfully change are not working. We are here to help you overcome living in the past and worrying about the future.

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