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Top Marital Conflicts: Communication, Finances, and Sexual Intimacy

by: Yvette Valdenegro

We debate the divorce rate in America with how the data is collected. However, the obvious remains the same, divorce plagues our American culture. Each generation tries to tackle this infestation of broken souls, split families, anxiety, and havoc in our lives. Why have the divorce rates continued to bring devastation? There is glooming out the look of every 1 out of 2 marriages failing. These top three reasons for divorce are intertwined, branch out to other causes, and remain centered in marital conflicts: Communication, Finances, and Sex / Intimacy.

We have all heard the phrase 'communication is key.' Why haven't we unlocked the crisis surrounding divorce if this is true? If our relationships begin with the inherent foundation of communication, where is the breakdown? There are endless examples and reasons for the deterioration of communication in relationships, but let's concentrate on the awareness of failed communication and the resolve to make a change.

Phrase #2, 'money is the root of all evil.' This phrase may seem exaggerated, but money's grip on someone can bring out immoral and wicked behaviors. Frustrations regarding your finances can be unbearably stressful for you and your relationship. Paying bills, dealing with debt, planning for retirement, and the weight of financial obligations can overwhelm your marriage. Even the strongest of marriages find themselves needing help finding their financial freedom.

Phrase #3, 'sex is emotion in motion.' Sex and intimacy are the most enjoyable part of a relationship two people can experience together. The privacy, uniqueness, and sacred bond between lovers is beautiful, yet no one talks about it openly, maturely. Sex Ed has been removed from our educational system and reduced to magazine articles and poles, advice received from friends, and sexual content on the internet. All are forms of information; however, what are we doing with this information?

There is a great need to begin discussions with yourself and your partner regarding communication, finances, and sex. You may find that the lack of these three stressors has created incompatibility or infidelity. We are here to help bridge the gaps and begin Redesigning your relationship. It is a process but worth the effort to create the marriage you have always desired.

Be on the lookout for future blogs and podcast episodes as we go deeper into these critical topics surrounding communication, finances, and sex. We welcome your questions, comments and invite you to engage in a connection call with us regarding your desire to Redesign your relationship.

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