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‘Crack Your Ice’ with Podcast Guest Rainier Wylde

by: Yvette Valdenegro

Fall in Love with Life with this Author, Healer, & Coach

It seems unfair to the universe to try and capture everything our guest, Rainier Wylde, shared on the podcast REdesigning Your Relationships with hosts Yvette Valdenegro & Geovanna Burgess White. Rainier's credentials stretch along years of experience, including writing a book, As You Are, being a healer, coach, and podcaster. All essential and crafted to the foundation he has created in his life. Rainier is quite the renaissance man with a sprinkle of JRR Tolkien, Abraham, a Yogi, and Grizzly Adams.

This intriguing combination of characters helps give you a visual to the world of Rainier Wylde. Tolkien is known around the world by millions for his famous works, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, These legendary books birth out of a story designed to tell children at night before bed. Children and adults read these stories and get lost in words, in the characters, the journeys, and the heroes we want to relate to and aspire to be. Rainier, too, has this gift to draw you into his story, imagination, words, and the skill of teaching you something simultaneously. His words will catch you by surprise, hold you with a calm tone, and admonish you to learn. Rainer's beard will instantly visually remind you of wisdom, adventure, and a life lived. His calm voice and knowledge will draw you in, lighten your senses, and leave you wanting more. Isn't that what a good storyteller should do? Teach and share in such a way that you are not aware of the academic but aware of the transformation happening inside by just listening to a beautifully told story.

This synopsis for our Podcast episode with Rainier will be short, brief, and to the point: Watch and listen! Watch and let the visual lead you quickly into the universal guided metaphors Rainier uses. This audible treasure is authentic and inspiring, with stories guaranteed to begin transforming you. Allow Rainier to 'crack your ice.' Your time will be well spent.

For more information regarding Yvette & Geovanna and YG Relationship Coaching, visit REdesigning Your Relationship Podcast is found on these major platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcast & YouTube.

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