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Meet Relationship Coach Geovana Burgess White

by: Yvette Valdenegro

Geovanna Burgess CoFounder of YGCollaborations - A platform for women to REDesign their most important Relationships.

Geovanna is a passionate entrepreneur, whose business endeavors are based on providing solutions. The past 4 years her and her business partner have guided many engaged couples through teaching the framework around creating a strong foundation in their relationship before marriage. Now Geovanna’s mission is to guide women in creating a Marriage they Deserve & Desire! She is a mother of 2 teens in a blended family, shares her experiences in her family relationships, and married to a talented chef. A huge proponent of coaching, she herself is coached and Elite Partner with IGNITE Her Society, a hybrid network for women to learn, grow and connect in life and business.

Anyone who spends just a few minutes listening to Geovanna will hear right away 3 key ingredients she mixes in her own life to inspire others. Having been through a divorce, remarriage, and bringing together a blended family, Geovanna is familiar with the demands blended families can bring. She is a positive thinker, voice of encouragement, and not timid when helping her clients create the very best for their lives. She spends countless hours each week volunteering, meeting, and connecting women together.

Season 2 Episode 9 of Redesigning Your Relationship you will get to know Geovanna in a personal way. She shares her personal journey and gives insight to her personal growth and success. Who does Geovanna claim to be the #1 person in her life? What does she claim to be her ‘4 buckets’ of time and how has this improved her relationships?

Welcome to the new season, specializing in women Redesigning the marriage they desire!

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PHOTO BY:@jncbranding

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