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Spilling the Tea: Inner Insights to YGC Haven

The Frenchie Boutique Hotel, Round Top, Texas
The Frenchie Boutique Hotel, Round Top, Texas

Alright, folks, let's spill the tea, spill the beans, spill everything! You've been bombarding us with questions since we touched back down from YGC Haven 2024. And did you catch our guests' social media frenzy? It was like a whirlwind of posts, reels, and pics flying in digital space, with each guest's uniquely curated perspective of their experience at YGC Haven.

Trying to sum up our YGC Haven experience is like trying to fit an elephant (humor for those who attended) into a teacup - just impossible! Words like 'amazing' fall short. We dove deep, searching for the juiciest, most underutilized adjectives to describe the sheer magic we experienced.

Our theme for Haven 2024

Awe-inspiring? Check.

Heartening? Double check.

Moving? Oh, yes.

But above all, it was downright revitalizing... and relaxingly divine.

Ask any of the ladies who graced our tiny oasis, and they'll all scream one word: FREEDOM. We gifted ourselves time - precious, delicious time - to just... be. And let me tell you, the beauty of freedom isn't just in the doing; it's in the outcome of being. No expectations,

just pure, unadulterated freedom.

Now, picture this: a bunch of fabulous women, some acquainted, some strangers, all diving headfirst into a mini-vacay together. Brave? Courageous? Yep! But what struck us wasn't just their adventurous spirit; their unwavering self-love, beating out any fear of the unknown and rising above their fears, logistics, and circumstances, pulling them in the opposite direction to be present for themselves. As a collective, we recognized the purity and divine innocence in such a bold act. They were forever etched in our souls a connection.

YGC Haven is a sanctuary and safe place for the soul

Our theme for the 48-hour escapade?




Oh, the stories we could tell from those precious hours! But our lips are sealed tighter than a jar of your favorite homemade canned fruit. What we can spill, however, are the vibes, the camaraderie, the feeling of absolute freedom.

Sure, we take a bow for the planning, the details, the blood, sweat, and (happy) tears. But let's not forget: We're all co-creators in this haven of endless possibilities and impact. We are grateful to ourselves for answering the call to create YGC Haven and forever thankful for the women who responded to their inner voices to attend.

Since the epic Haven 2023 and 2024, we've seen bonds form, collaborations bloom, and lives intertwine with newfound vigor. The love and appreciation are almost overwhelming, in the most humbling way possible. And guess what? We're already gearing up for Haven 2025!

personal freedom is what experienced at YGC Haven

Haven isn't just a place; it's a sanctuary, a safe haven for the soul. What about the magic that happens there? Well, that's a secret we'll never spill.

And here's the kicker: the impact of our time together? It's still reverberating through the cosmos, each of us, and every moment. So, if you're feeling that inner tug, that whisper of 'Yes, this is my tribe,' consider this your official invite to Haven 2025. Trust us and those who have attended—you won't regret it!

For more information regarding YGC, Haven 2025, our coaching, retreats, conferences, speaking enquiries, podcasts, and to get in touch please visit the below links:

relationship coaches Yvette Valdenegro & Geovanna Burgess White

Co-Creating a world with the best version of ourselves!

-Yvette Valdenegro & Geovanna Burgess White

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