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Meet Relationship Coach Yvette Valdenegro

by: Yvette Valdenegro

Yvette Valdenegro CoFounder of YGCollaborations - A platform for women to REDesign their most important relationships.

Yvette is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, whose business endeavors are based on helping others and providing solutions. For the past 4 years, she and her business partner have guided many engaged couples through teaching the framework around creating a strong foundation in their relationship before marriage. Now Yvette’s mission is to guide women in creating a Marriage they Deserve & Desire! She is a mother of 4 beautiful adult kids, built a new business concept from the ground up, and enjoys living life experiences. As a huge proponent of coaching, 15 years ago, she went through the accredited process of becoming a Life Coach.

Yvette is determined to help couples avoid the divorce statistics by helping them create a successful marriage. Withstanding a divorce herself, she understands the obstacles, frustrations, and concerns that come along with being alone and raising young children on her own. Her inner voice has guided her to always show up, believe the best, and put actions steps toward those goals. Yvette still utilizes these skills in all aspects of her life and enjoys teaching them to others. Spend quality time with Yvette and you will witness her strong independent drive, hear her vocal thoughts and witness how she doesn’t shy away from her personal truth. All of which is coupled with her desire to listen intuitively to solve problems to create a full life. Hence one of her favorite quotes is, ‘Life is an adventure let’s plan on it.

In season 2 Episode 9 of Redesigning Your Relationship, you will get to know Yvette in a personal way. She shares her personal journey and gives insight into her personal growth and success. Find out why having a ‘discovery time’ changed Yvette’s future and how she went through two major growth processes to be at the place she is today.

Welcome to the new season, specializing in women Redesigning the marriage they desire!

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PHOTO BY:@thegraysphotography

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