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New Name, New Season of YGC

by: Yvette Valdenegro

New Name, New Season for Relationship Coaches Yvette Valdenegro & Geovanna Burgess White of YG Collaborations

YG Collaborations just launched the 2nd season of their podcast with a new name and purpose. The Redesigning Your Relationship podcast may be brand-new in name but backed with over 20 years worth of experience. Your hosts, Yvette Valdenegro & Geovanna Burgess White are not novices to the podcasting world, entrepreneurship, and relationships. These two dynamic women know what it takes to have the relationships we all want to live.

They discuss topics surrounding relationships with a tangible, current, and forward approach each week. Yvette & Geovanna dive deep and do not shy away from keeping the subject of your interpersonal relationships genuine. They cover it all, from business associates to the most intimate relationships. They have a straightforward yet compassionate approach to helping their viewers repair, thrive, and turn their closest and most intimate relationships positively around.

PHOTO BY: @jncbranding

You will laugh, learn, and be inspired by their approach, conversation, and amazing guests.

Are you tired of spinning in circles? Are you ready to plunge into repairing and changing your relationships? Perfect, then listen to “New Name, New Season for Relationship Coaches Yvette Valdenegro & Geovanna Burgess White of YG Collaborations” Season 2 Episode 1 of the Redesigning you Relationships podcast. This episode is short and sweet, but you will get a closer look into these two Relationship Coaches, their serious yet honest style, and the resources they will bring.

Your relationships will never be the same again. Are YOU ready?

Yvette and Geovanna are committed to providing information and tools for their viewers to listen and take steps to grow in their relationships. Make sure you never miss an episode by following them on one of these powerful platforms: Spotify Podcast, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, and Google Podcast.

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