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REdesign REcover REbalance

by: Yvette Valdenegro

The REdesigning Your Relationship Podcast, with hosts Yvette Valdenegro & Geovanna Burgess White of YG Collaborations, takes a forward-thinking approach to help women REdesign, ReCover & ReBalance their relationships. We want to take a moment to explain what that means and why we choose to emphasize the 'RE' in each word.

According to Oxford Languages and Google, the prefix 'RE' means once more, afresh; anew. The mere definition already opens up the window of possibilities. Imagine looking out that window, in the future, with the relationships that currently leave you feeling frustrated and angry. Is it possible to look at the future with your closest relationships in a positive light? What if you could not only look in the future but also imagine them afresh and anew? You CAN look at your relationships afresh and anew. No matter the state. We coach our clients through a framework grounded in the meaning of RE. RE is emphasized with capital letters to remind us that we will practice this repeatedly with an intense force that comes from within ourselves.

We frequently use three words in our vernacular: REdesign, REcover & REbalance, and Here's why:

This REdesign is the best part of the whole process. We can REdesign ourselves! There is no limit to redesigning how we look, feel, think, and interact with our closest relationships and life. REdesigning your relationships can happen again and in a different way that you get to create. Be the author, editor, publisher, illustrator, and advertising agency of your story! WATCH HERE

Recovery's goal is to return to the state of health, mind, and strength you desire for your life. REcovery also embraces the idea of regaining something that was stolen or lost. You may feel part of your life has been stolen, lost over time, or through an unfortunate situation. The circumstances of life can affect you over time without realizing how far you have fallen off the original track guiding your life.

We believe you can feel like yourself again and return to your personal life's journey. Living a life of Recovery is taking active steps to improve, turn the corner, and pull through, all while gaining what you lost within yourself back. Notice those are all action words with the implied intention of action. WATCH HERE

Every car owner knows that having just one of your wheels unbalanced on your car can create difficulties. The vehicle can begin to vibrate, steering problems occur, the tire can unevenly wear, and you can get lousy fuel economy. These primary symptoms arise because the tires are unbalanced. We, too, can go through wear and tear when we become unbalanced with who we have turned out to be, the lost goals, vision, and purpose for our lives. Living an abundant life and being on track with ourselves from within will establish equality and balance. This stability will keep you upright and stable when the challenges of life try to invade your relationships. WATCH HERE

If you habitually do the same things repeatedly but do not get the desired results, then jump off the negative patterns. Being disconnected, alone, and unsatisfied is not a way to live. Not when you have a choice to live a fearless, empowered, fulfilled, and purpose-driven life.

The quickest way to REdesign, REcover & REbalance your relationships is to watch this three-part podcast series and sign up for a connection call with us. We enjoy responding to comments and hearing from you!


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