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As the world has turned upside down, so too have the myths behind traditional business practices. The corporate world has changed for some, it has been stimulating for others, and it has become a new vortex sucking others into the depths of loneliness and uncertainty. As corporate companies shut down, restructured, or employees went home to work, the landscape of traditional work hours changed. With this change, subjective thinking was modified, and the question of, "what am I doing with my life"?

This is a fair and honest question and one that three dynamic women asked themselves at one point. Each one has a personal and relatable story of their journey to finding their true life passion. I know when you hear the “P” words that seem to gloss the internet blog pages, Passion & Purpose, there is a small voice in your head saying, "Ya-ya-ya heard that before." We get it. Let us indulge and intrigue you by saying this time it is different.

Let us introduce you to these three compelling women, and then you can see for yourself. Meet Kelly Armstrong, Sara Carlisi, & Lisa Taylor, known as the Power Pod.

Kelly is an executive with Zyia Active, one of the top athletic and athleisure clothing lines in the US. She is a women entrepreneur and leader in the direct sales industry who is teaming up with ambitious women to confidently build a 6-figure NWM business, ick-free while embracing their lives and thriving for more without guilt. Kelly was at a place in her life where she, "wanted more, to find purpose, and to find the exact plan for her life."

Sara Carlisi is currently working in corporate and has found an additional drive to add doTERRA Wellness to her plate. She finds being an advocate for doTERRA Wellness the perfect solution to empowering women. Sara is connecting women, helping them find their purpose, and filling the void they feel inside at a deeper level. She is excited to help moms make informed decisions on their wellness and thrilled to partner and redefine how the industry of network marketing is currently thought of!

Lisa Taylor is a former teacher now 6-figure network marketing leader on a mission to redefine direct sales. This mom of 5 aims to inspire other moms who are feeling stuck in the “shoulds” of motherhood, to think differently; to stir their souls to imagine a life of freedom, flexibility, and joy, and then go create THAT life! For over 10 years now, Lisa has partnered with L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL, a family-owned, Aloe-based skincare company. Lisa is a breast cancer survivor and leads with her motto: You only get one life.

These ladies bring it because they are living it. We know life is a challenge. It takes courage to make choices, to change mindsets, and work through circumstances you probably don’t share often with others. Not having a place to turn and have life-changing resources is why we believe joining the right community and doing it for the right reasons is important when making your life choices. It can be unsettling when you don’t know how something will turn out. The voice in our head says to have all of our facts straight; however, we know there needs to be a change. Sometimes you don’t know how that will all come about. We are here to say it’s ok to not know or have all the answers.

Remember when you first learned how to ride a bike? Your banana-seated bike with the sparkled fringed handlebars was the rage, but what was the point of the bike unless you got on to ride it. You moved the kickstand with your barely tied tennis shoes, gripped the fancy handlebars with your sweaty hands, threw over your leg to sit on the banana seat with your bare legs getting scorched by the hot seat. If you knew how to ride a bike, you just took off without even thinking twice about the burning sensations. If you didn’t know how to ride, then you had training wheels or an adult holding your seat behind you as you slowly moved the pedals. Eventually, the training wheels and the supervision went away, and you took off riding through the neighborhood streets for hours on end. Yes, there is progression, but at some point, there was a decision to ride your bike independently on your own. The wind on your face and the ability to travel farther and faster than you had ever gone before was worth it all.

Let’s travel farther and faster together with this compelling podcast hosted by YG Collaborations. No matter what you have heard or experienced with network marketing, these ladies are here to give you the real and raw truth. These three ambitious moms are on a mission to expose the myths and misconceptions of direct sales and shine a light on the deeper purpose, and benefits found in this model. Listen in to hear their stories on how direct sales gave them more of what was truly important to them and helped them embrace a life filled with impact, value, and community.

YG Collaborations Podcast - a platform created to educate, inspire, and share the strategies behind business & personal success. Found on your favorite podcast platform: Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher, and Spotify.

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