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’Tis the Season to be Fiercely Focused

by: Yvette Valdenegro

July is often the time of year to celebrate, have huge sales, or begin planning for the upcoming holiday season. July is the midway point from the post-holiday season rush to the beginning of starting all over again. So too, can July provide a season to become, maintain, or expand in our businesses, career, goals, and relationships. When approaching the thoughts of devoting and cultivating growth in your business, careers, goals, and relationships, why not do it fiercely focused?

Take the time during the hot summer days to be heartfelt and intense about who you are and the results you want to see. The easier route for summertime is to take a mental, physical, and emotional vacation from anything to do with work or relationships. There is always a time for relaxing. However, avoidance, laziness, and hoping things get better are not a part of taking a vacation from the realities of work and relationships. If you want to keep the flame burning hot during the summer, then we give these suggestions for turning up the heat:

  • Refresh, change, and make sure your vision is clear.

  • Make your goals for yourself and your career the center of interest in all you do.

  • Make shifts or adapt to anything hindering you from seeing clearly.

  • Make the time to concentrate and stay focused on the above three suggestions.

Looking for other women in the podcast world who are turning up the heat and helping women in business? Then we would like to introduce you to Kari Andrews & Courtney Clouser, of Fiercely Focused Podcast. They love to spill the beans on all things business, badassery, and bottom lines. We had them as guests on our weekly podcast, REdesigning Your Relationships, to talk about their journey, separately and together as professional businesswomen. Kari & Courtney mentioned they began the podcast out of a mutual passion for helping women. However, these ladies also talked about how much grit and hustle it takes to develop a podcast. In the long run, no matter what, they advise you to do it. Just do it and do not wait for perfection because no one is perfect, and if you wait, you will never begin.

This Episode was a two-part podcast series.

Listen to Part 1 on REdesigning Your Relationship Podcast

Part 2 on their Fiercely Focused Podcast, where they interview us. Both episodes flow from one to the other yet allow listening to two different styles & focus surrounding women in business.

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